Intellectual Property Rights

Patents, utility models, trademarks and designs protect your ideas and investments. In particular, registered industrial property rights provide a reliable protection. Services in this field include:

  • Develop an adequate intellectual property strategy
  • Prepare suitable application documents
  • Correspond with patent offices and international partners
  • Representation before the Patent authorities and management of formalities in the examination procedure

Infringement and Litigation

If a competitor infringes an industrial property right, it is important to find an optimal strategy under consideration of your interests. In case of an imminent attack based on an industrial property right or when an industrial property right hinders your development, an adequate action is required. We can assist you with:

  • Monitoring of patent publications of competitors
  • Opinions on infringement and workaround solutions
  • Delimitation agreements
  • Representation before the German Patent Office and the German Patent Court

IP-Valuation and Licensing

In IP transactions, licensing or upon the sale of a company, the proper valuation of intellectual property rights is important. Services:

  • Review and valuation of intellectual property rights
  • License agreements
  • Due diligence and development of appropriate marketing strategies, potentially in cooperation with partners

Employee Inventions Law

Inventions of employees in Germany are subject to the employee invention law. In particular, a notification and a payment obligation are regulated by law. Failure to comply with these regulations can lead to unclear and problematic situations. Services:

  • Development of process definitions
  • Seminars for management and employees
  • Calculation of appropriate remuneration
  • Mediation in case of dispute
  • Representation before the arbitration board at the German Patent Office